Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Lindsay Seers

"Her memory was so perfected that she couldn’t see a difference between her inner world and the “real” world. As a consequence of this she lacked the ability to speak. When she at the age of seven for the first time saw a photograph of herself something happened and she gained the ability to speak but lost her eidetic memory.

To compensate for her loss of memory Seers started to photograph obsessively. Eventually turning herself into a camera, taking pictures by mounting a piece of film at the back of her throat, exposing the film through her teeth using the mouth as a shutter.

Upon discovering that another artist (in Dublin, I wonder who?) also took photographs with her mouth Seers turned to projecting her old identity as a human camera onto dolls such as the twin sailors on the picture above. The dolls, who act as Seers alter egos, are triggered by movement, rolling their eyes and opening their mouths to take photographs as you approach them.

But Seers story doesn’t end with the dolls, the next step for her was (of course) to transform into a human projector by attaching a pretty huge projector to her head."

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